How Can I Pray?

Below is what we were agreeing on before Jordan passed away on Nov. 27, 2012

A call for unified prayer for
From the Unrau family
Some of you have expressed that sometimes you just don’t know what to pray so we're sharing with you what we're praying. You can utilize these or just ask Jesus what He is praying and agree with Him.

We believe we are called to pray with specifics so here is what we are praying:

Oh Father, in the name of Jesus, your healing Son, and by whose stripes we were healed of every infirmity, we pray right now. We thank You and praise You first for who You are. You are our Best Friend, our Provider, our Keeper, our strong Tower, our Sovereign Lord, Omniscient, Omnipotent, All Loving.

Jordan has exclaimed over the last month how incredible he finds You. He has said, “What kind of God would give His life for his creation who treated Him horribly! What kind of God you are!” Only you are in charge of Jordan’s situation and we thank You for the quick response of the wonderful, caring and skillful medical staff on His behalf. Bless them Father. We are so grateful for them. Yet they are limited. You are not. We are praying together for the complete, miraculous and total restoration of Jordan’s health.

Thank You for commanding us to pray - to use the authority You have given us through Your Son Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit for truly being Comforter, Teacher, Healer and Guide.

We command in the Name of Jesus  
  1. Every tumour in Jordan’s body completely removed  
  2. The restoration of every function and sensation in Jordan’s body  
  3. The reversal of any damage in and around Jordan’s right femur and spine 
  4. The cessation of any pain in his leg. Lord, we see in our minds and believe in our hearts Your powerful reordering to correction of every problem in his body right now!  We see the tumors dissolve and disappear. We see Jordan healed, restored to walking and running with total normal function, with joy and without pain - all for your glory!
By the blood of Jesus, we hold captive ever negative thought around Jordan’s situation - especially any well-intentioned but ineffective, wrong-centered, or wrong-minded prayers by any of us for Jordan and especially any fears or any evidences of faithlessness in You by any of us.

Oh God, we receive You Holy Spirit right now, to empower, correct and refine our prayers on Jordan’s behalf and to engage and empower Jordan’s own faith, even for himself for Your Glory.

We loose in heaven, by the power and authority that raised Jesus from the dead, every heavenly power to heal Jordan completely. Oh Father, by faith, we see it! We believe it, and we receive Jordan’s healing on his behalf, and in Jesus’ mighty and precious name, by faith - itself a marvelous gift from you.

We thank You in advance for every good gift you will give...because you have given so much to us as your children already. You didn’t withhold Your Son. We trust You.

o   Thank You for every child of Yours praying around the world right now. We link arms and add our faith to what looks like an immovable mountain, and we say “Move!”
o   Thank You for all the miraculous moments You’ve allowed us to witness even within our own families and communities.
o   Thank You for giving every prayer warrior the will, the discernment, and the clarity with focus to pray effectively on Jordan’s behalf.
o   Thank You for standing in the gap for us over the coming days.
o   Thank You for sending your angels to stand guard over Jordan in every space he has entered and occupied during this challenge.
o   Thank You Father for caring for our bodies which You made and caring for the health of every person reading this prayer and saying it with us.
Heavenly Father we are comforted and assured of Your great faithfulness, Your wonderful trustworthiness and especially by Your love made visible through Jesus.

Thank You again for the powerful prayers of praying friends who continue to pray for Jordan. Friends who pray without ceasing. You hear and You answer.

The Lord thy God in the midst of you (Jordan) is mighty.” Zeph 3:17 May the living Christ pass moment by moment into your redeemed body, into every cell, filling, energizing, vitalizing it with the presence and power of His own personality and wholeness.

In Your Name, Amen