Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Thing Is

The thing is... I like Jordan. From the moment I was pregnant with our first son, Kim and I received random warnings that sounded like "Just wait until...".   "Just wait until you have a toddler, they will run you ragged". Or  "Just wait until they become teenagers, you won't have a moments peace".

Kim and I decided early on to tell our sons that we were so excited for our future with them...I told each one that I couldn't wait until he could drive me around, even though the thought was a bit terrifying.  We anticipated their teenage years, graduations, weddings, children....Jordan spoke often of how he looked forward to treating his wife well, telling her how beautiful and wonderful she was.  He dreamed of how he would discover and celebrate the personalities and uniqueness of his children and tell them about Jesus.

Sometimes the grief comes in waves...sometimes like an arrow.

A friend wondered if we would prepare an obituary.  I immediately made one up in my head but hesitated to send it into the newspaper.

Jordan Unrau 1997 - 2012

You may be reading on Facebook or elsewhere that Jordan Unrau is dead.  Don't you believe a word of it....he is more alive than he ever has been before.  He is enjoying Jesus face to face and all that heaven can offer.  Still on mission here on earth are his parents, Kim and Darlene, older brothers Matthew and Joel, grandparents, Betty Wittenberg, Pete and Shirley Unrau and aunts, uncles, cousins and scores of friends who miss his presence.
In lieu of flowers, believers, go command sickness to leave someone's body in Jesus' name and then tell them how much Jesus loves them. And if you are reading this and don't know Jesus, find a believer who knows Him really well and ask questions.

It didn’t seem right to send them to just anyone who claims to be a Christian because, well, we've found over the years that loads of Christians aren't really sure that they are loved, that heaven is a place they'd really like to spend eternity (many Christians expect they will get bored) and are definitely not confident in healing the sick.  Between Kim and I, we've cast out our share of demons, but heal the sick and raise the dead...we're just getting started.

Which is why am I so impressed with the young children I have met who have faithfully prayed for my son and my family. The children we will see in Florida have gone to bed praying for us every night and awakened every morning to ask "Is Jordan healed yet?” Every morning!  That's tenacity!  That's faith.  It shouldn't surprise me.  Jesus instructed us to get our cues from them concerning faith.  Kim and I have been delivering Jordan's Lego police vehicles to the children we know of in Kelowna who have prayed.  Police Lego seemed most appropriate since the police don't make the laws.  They are there to enforce the law, stand for justice and give the bad guys pause.  I want to do that.  We are made to do that.

Jordan and I talked about Josh Wilson's Song "I Refuse" frequently throughout his battle.  If anyone has a reason to be totally self-centered, it's someone who is struggling with a cruel life-threatening illness.  So I would tell Jordan how I respected his choice to be interested in the lives of others, to reach out with kindness to help and to pray for them.  He didn't command only serious diseases away.  When his Grammy or brother had a cold or a flu, Jordan joined us is declaring healing and encouraging them not to just "take it".  And they didn't just take it.  And it was bewildering and heart ripping when they were healed and we saw no change in Jordan’s condition.  Why wasn’t Jordan healed this side of heaven?

So appreciate that few even attempt to answer that question.  I can't imagine an adequate answer to satisfy me.   Just know I'm still here.... so there are people left for me to point to Jesus.