Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Steady My Heart

Yesterday was the first day in months we awoke without a list of what must be done.  I stayed in my pjs until after lunch.  It wasn't until well into the afternoon that I began to open and read the cards. And only now are Kim and I sharing the emails written to us individually over the months - there just wasn't space.  I can't read more than a few at a time.  It is as if we are bathed in encouragement. Words are so powerful.  And when there are specific memories of Jordan attached to the messages, well my heart fills up and leaks through my eyes.  :-) How is it that tears can be both happy and sad...along with several other strong emotions?

I'd like to give all my friends Jordan's music playlist...but what I can do is supply the titles and singers.  Steady My Heart by Kari Jobe is one of our favourites and thoroughly resonates with us these days.  I'll work on typing up the rest for the next posting.

Jordan must have been cheering as he watched believers praying for those struggling with pain and sickness Friday night at the Celebration.  We have had at least 5 responses of instant healings...including a rugby injury.  I understand that as his mom was driving him home, she turned back around to return to the celebration to receive relief from her pain as well.  Yahoo!! Yet, the wild part is that we have been in several powerful prayer gatherings where many received the healing that Jesus paid for. We would leave those meetings not seeing the results that we were hoping for in Jordan’s body. So our hearts go out to those who did not see and yet still believe. We are not going to stop obeying and believing.  How can we stop? Our friend Dorte made that incredible We Win Video from the Celebration Service. And here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX3ZEwRGE1Y&feature=youtu.be

Communicating to my long distance friends through the blog has become such a part of my thought process over this last year.  I find myself thinking, "I'll have to put this on the blog".....so I guess we'll just keep posting until we stop...:-)

Kim's booking flights today for a Florida Christmas with our sons.  Friends, who are more like family, have offered their home and then beach condo for end of December to mid-January.  The ocean, as well as these friends, Barbers, Joan and the Puchs, have always been a significant source of restoration for our family. Jordan will be everywhere in Florida since every few years we would head down to visit:  Jumping in the waves with his brothers and friends and then creating huge fortresses in the sand.  What a gift!!!