Monday, 16 July 2012

Shout Aloud

Yesterday morning we met for our family gathering where we each bring something.   Kim brought a passage of Scripture - I had us each draw a picture of where we were with God, but Jordan started us off with a song by David Crowder titled  "We win".  While having heard it on Jordan's playlist, I hadn't paid attention to the words.  Though he confessed feeling tired and weary and just plain sad, these were the words he wanted us to think on.

We're gonna shout loud, loud until the walls come down
Shout loud, loud until the walls come down

Cause we've already won and you don't have a chance
Yeah it's already done and you don't have a chance
Because we've already won
We have already won

Shout loud until the final sound
This is for His glory!

We have already won!

Wow!  This lead to us listen to the passage on Jericho in the book of Joshua.  What the people of God did was just crazy - completely illogical - but they trusted in God's Word and marched around that city and then simply shouted and the walls came down.  Our wall is so big  - Jordan's thigh is bigger than ever and his his leg and foot are now swollen and our response to all this is illogical to some but brings a smile to Jesus.

We are so grateful that pain is under control and the nausea at a minimum, Jordan's appetite is back (often eating a Hobbit second breakfast) and he is sleeping well, but we are not content with that.  Jordan won't let us be.  Out of the blue he will regularly ask us to pray in agreement with him that the cancer would disappear and his body would be fully restored.

Oh yes, and the clown fish's name is officially "Biff"

And below is a cartoonist's rendering of the three of us at the mall yesterday.
He has hair!