Saturday, 28 July 2012

Feels Like Home

It was so good and so hard last night.  We were right back in a similar atmosphere to our spiritual home church, Toronto Airport....with school of ministry students and where Jordan was born and dedicated.  My tears just flowed when the singing began.  It was as if  I was choking on my own desperation.

Early on in the worship, Jordan told me that  felt he heard to ask the "loud lady worshipper" behind him to pray for him and he did...and she did so, beautifully.  When I glanced back at him part way through the next song, his face was awash in tears.  He had heard that he would see his healing as she prayed and was so hurt.  He pulled out his DS to play while listening (and critiquing) the rest of the service.

The message, although scattered, was for us..."Victory in the not yet" from Isaiah on inviting the barren woman to rejoice in her children.  Choosing faith before we see the answers to our prayers because after we receive what we've believed for, then we can only respond in gratitude, not faith.  When the altar call came for those who want victory while living in the not yet, Kim raced up the aisle pushing Jordan in the wheelchair.  And then followed a celebration tunnel of prayer where each one of us was flanked by staff or much like our spiritual homebase...and so nice to not be leading - just receiving.

This morning the Healing Rooms were great, the people so kind and selfless. One lady who had been legally blind for 50 years went from seeing shapes to clearly reading the first page and 1/2 of a two page eye chart while we were being prayed for....I love the God of miracles!   The volunteers listened to Jordan's struggle with no judgement or advice and prayed as well for Kim and for me.  I found myself needing to step apart for a bit.  Oh my heart. Jordan is so open about being unsure that he has much faith left after this protracted journey but he doesn't understand that his willingness to receive prayer is faith.  His frustrated dependence on God is faith.  His impatience with the seeming lack of evidence is faith.  And then he gets back in the RV on his couch/bed and tells his body to obey God.  

Kim treated us to a boat ride on gorgeous lake Shasta.  Steep, red eroded banks with stunning evergreen island surrounded by brilliant blue water.  Our little fishing boat had a canopy, perfect for Tucker and Jordan.  

The best boat $31 can buy

Planning on watching the movie Sahara together tonight on the computer.  
Loved the talk with both Matthew and Joel today.  They have a week off camp - so wish they could be with us.  They are missing us and hoping to squeeze home at the end of August before school starts the beginning of September.  Love hearing them pray for their brother over the phone and watching Jordan receive their words with expectation.