Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Full Days

These days have been full of wonderful things. 
The first 3 days after we arrived we submerged ourselves in Curry Blake’s teaching on praying for the sick.  It was great to get on the same page concerning how we were going to face the coming days.

We’ve visited tidal pools in San Diego so Jordan can get up close and personal with the crabs and sea anemones.  He’s hoping to set up an aquarium when we get home with an anemone and a clown fish.  Apparently they work well together.

A day was spent at Sea World enjoying dolphins, sea otters, killer whales and sea lions.  The Blake family joined us and we laughed a lot!

Jordan and Kim borrowed a pole and used wieners as bait to go fishing.  The fish were too smart this time….

And today we tackled Disney with gifted park passes.  There were times when Jordan told me that he forgot he had been sick.  And other moments when he just missed his friends at home. We used a wheelchair so that Jordan could conserve his energy.  Highlights for Jordan:  bowl of chowder in Frontier Land,  Soaring Over California ride and of course,  the roller coasters.