Friday, 23 March 2012


Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful and wild place for us. It's wonderful because it is cheerful, cozy, NOT the hospital. The volunteers and staff are helpful but not intrusive or questioning. The other families are on a common mission - to make it through a nightmare to daylight. Many of the children have lost their hair so baldness is common. Our own room offers privacy and the common rooms allows us to be in a kind of community if we choose. By now I'm quite comfortable with two families - one where both parents are here with their 13 year old son and the other where the mom lives here with her 10 year old son and the husband and 3 sisters are visiting over spring break. Quite the memorable spring break for them I'm sure. Last night I was able to give the parents a shove out of the house to have a date while I kept an eye on their kids. Wow it felt so great to give something (to someone other than Jordan)- I feel like all I'm doing is taking during this season.

The PET scan started early this morning with Jordan acting as navigator while we drove to the clinic (not located at Children's hospital). Just before we began, Kim was able to Skype call and bless Jordan. The nurse and I both had tears. The process took several hours and Jordan was great - kept putting nausea in its place. Last night he couldn't keep any food down for several hours so we weren't sure how he would fare. We celebrated with a strawberry smoothie and Chinese takeout - just in case he feels like eating later. Jordan's Oncologist and Surgeon will meet with Kim and me on Monday to go over the results and to make a forward plan. If Kim and I would only just accept that the whole process is inevitable and see sickness as just part of life, it feels like the journey would be more straight forward. We would just put our heads down and deal with what comes. But we're looking for and believing for healing - for wholeness.  And we're expecting miraculous things because we serve not only a kind, but a powerful God. Thank you for standing with us.