Thursday, 2 February 2012

All Things New

Wonderful and strange to be home. We're all different people. And many things, although familiar, feel different.
Yesterday we had two new friends from Texas pray throughout the day for Jordan and other children and parents on the oncology ward and in the hospital. It was humbling for me. I realize that in the last few years I have backed off of praying for people with "really serious" conditions. I had become discouraged. But you know what, now being in the parents shoes, so close to suffering, backing off is not an option. And every time someone lets us know that they are believing for Plan A, it means a great deal.

We've let Jordan know he is worth fighting for, I believe we all want to know that because we are. Jesus already fought for us and won. And all along the road we see the kindness of God.
New friends go above and beyond. An old friend shows up to serve in such a sensitive way at a vulnerable moment. Family picks us up in the airport with Tucker on the leash. Kim's parents pick up groceries. My Mom is walking beautifully with her new knee. And we arrive to more mail filled with love and creative and practical resource.