Wednesday, 29 February 2012

nothing like it

There is nothing like the joy of watching my son's cheeks full of food and chewing with a satisfied smile on his face

Living a dream

This morning Jordan and I woke up in our own beds.  With the support of several incredible people and the healing power of God, we made it home for Kim's 48th birthday on the 6:30pm flight.

From Sunday night to Tuesday morning Jordan had not been able to keep anything down for more than a few hours.  The nausea was like a living, breathing enemy that we had no weapons left to fight against.  And yet Jordan kept asking for prayer - out loud and agreeing with me.  What a pair!  And because of confusion regarding Jordan's cough - it wasn't contagious - we had to stay in a hotel room.

Once again Kim felt a million miles away, helpless.  And once again, Denise, my wonderful sister-in-law, ministered mercy by way of bringing Gatorade and Popsicles and various dehydration deterrents along with emotional support. She also showed up yesterday morning to say she felt optimistic that by evening Jordan would be ready to fly.  I rode on that optimism and we packed up everything in faith even though at that point Jordan couldn't sit up for more than a few seconds know.  We headed to the clinic to have Jordan re accessed and hydrated. The nurses and doctors were determined to get us home to family.

 The morning was still really rocky but by noon, he was keeping down liquids and asking for food.  Apparently when a chemo patient is hungry, you can get them anything they want.  Well we had crackers and plenty of them so nibble by nibble Jordan ate a ton.

Denise arrived to pick us up with gifts and letters from RMH and we made our way through check in only for me to suddenly remember to my horror that in the bustle to leave, I had left Jordan's incredibly expensive medication ($2000) in the refrigerator at the hospital.  It seemed that angels were suddenly every where in the form of West Jet attendants, taxi-drivers, security, and in the end 2 wildly wonderful nurses who decided it was faster if they left work and delivered it to me.  So much kindness I am completely overwhelmed.  I still cry thinking about how individuals moved heaven and earth to cover for my forgetfulness and to care for Jordan.

And then to hug Matthew, our oldest at the airport....all 6'7" of him...all healthy and strong. He hasn't seen Jordan since this all began so wonderful friends flew him home during Reading Week.  Joel will arrive tomorrow and we'll be together.  Like a dream!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Homeward Bound

Jordan was released from the hospital on Sunday and has spend a couple of nights in a hotel with Darlene. It has been a rough time with difficulty keeping food and liquid down. Flights were booked for them to fly home at noon today, but they were cancelled because Jordan was too weak to travel. So, they went back to the clinic at the hospital to rehydrate and get some more anti-nausea medication. Our hope is that they can fly back to Kelowna tonight.
We are commanding cancer and all its affects to go in Jesus name. 

Friday, 24 February 2012


Today this all seems too familiar. The nausea, the pain, the frustration. Jordan has been powering through to eat more with the threat of a feeding tube hanging over him. And he did have a great peaceful 2 hour nap this afternoon. While he slept I watched him and he had color in his cheeks...he appeared whole and healthy...and then he awoke. Smiles are more grimaced and distractions don't hold. I don't really like sharing the unresolved challenges but they are very real. The staff are throwing every drug known to work on nausea at him and nothing seems to help. I often feel on high alert - like the meerkats in Lion King - and it takes awhile to relax. None of us really know how to navigate all this.

It was great to have Kim join us this evening..though the roads were treacherous in points, he made it here in great time. A sight for sore eyes with his brand new haircut. He'll return Sunday night for his last 3 days to finish a contract. It would be great if we could fly home by then. Every 3 months Hope Air flies the patient and companion home for free. Somebody was thinking. It takes a bit of the pressure off....once again, why did we sell our private jet :-)

Matthew will arrive home from college for his reading week on Monday. Joel follows Thursday since they are attending different schools this year. They haven't seen their little brother since this all started. Jordan saw the specialist the day Matthew and Joel drove back to Saskatchewan from Christmas break. Some dear friends are flying them home to optimize our time together. What a gift. Matthew will be here to celebrate Kim's birthday on the 28th and Joel will celebrate my birthday on March 5th - so fun!

Thursday, 23 February 2012


So much to be grateful for....
  1. Jordan's right leg is down 3 cm! Meaning tumour is shrinking - part of the chemo process. We want it all gone in Jesus name! 
  2. Jordan was bouncing around with energy and eating almost everything offered. 
  3. His VAD accessing (placing intravenous lines into his chest) was less traumatic this time - almost a non-event. 
  4. Mail and packages awaited us when we stopped by Ronald McDonald House on the way to the hospital - so fun! Thank you to all who sent cards and packages! 
  5. Really helpful West Jet staff that made the trip to Kelowna process easier even though there was just the two of us 
  6. Sister in law, Denise came to visit and help us make the hospital room homey - posters up, quilt on the bed, treats :-) 
  7. A room with a view of the sky and not a wall. 
  8. Knowing this will end.
  9. Being able to count on a very very big God

Here are a few prayer requests for today:

Treatment appears to be affecting Jordan's vision and heart and most often comes with severe nausea.

Please join us in praying the negative effects of chemo would be reversed and his body be completely and miraculously restored!

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Round 4

We've been pretty quiet on the blog - as if we're holding our breath, hoping maybe we don't have to return this time.  I've encouraged Kim to stay in Kelowna to finish up a contract he suspended.  It only lasts until the end of the month.  He'll drive to join us in Vancouver this weekend (speaking in faith since the highway can be pretty treacherous this time of year) and then return home for his last few days.  I guess it's my way of saying I don't want everything stolen.  Kim is so incredible at what he does - I want others to benefit.

So we're heading into Vancouver tomorrow morning for a repeat of the first round of chemo drugs that essentially wipe out your immunity and bring nausea.
It's so hard to take Jordan back into this.
Sunday was probably his worst and last big bout with nausea and throwing up - he lived with his bucket.

We came close to taking him in to the hospital to be hooked up to an IV and would have, if he hadn't awakened the next day markedly better. It's been so wonderful to watch him eat yesterday and today....real he loves.  I feel like an Italian mama "Eat, Eat!"

And we're still holding out for a miracle.  How can we not? 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Homeward Bound

We are sitting in the Vancouver Airport departure lounge waiting for our flight to Kelowna. This is good. We are not scheduled to return to Vancouver until Wednesday, so we get a few days to fatten Jordan up.

Jesus called us to "remain in Me and let My words remain in you". Some days we enter right into that and others we strive to enter into His rest. Yesterday was a tough one.... a fight especially for Darlene. Hope was hurting.  We have a really high view of Scripture and that has put us in a conundrum.

What it comes down to for us is this: are His words true or are they not? We choose yes, they are true.  And that means we are agreeing for Plan A. And no, we don't have a plan B. It's been awhile since we've mentioned Plan A so if you are wondering what we are referring to please check out the prayer in the link (how can I pray?)  on the right panel. It's full of the words of Jesus.

Your love and support mean so much to us. If you find yourself losing heart, Jesus talked about that in Luke 18:1. Enjoy the read!  We're running back to Scripture all the time.

Monday, 13 February 2012

One Day at a Time

Today, we returned to the hospital to begin the third round of chemo. Even though we know our way around the halls and faces are becoming familiar, none of us want to be here and we are agreeing for full healing. The weekend was ok. We enjoyed not having to say good-bye at night and several hours of Jordan being pain and nausea-free.  Yet we are seeking not to fix our eyes on the symptoms or diagnosis, but on Jesus and His finished work.
Man I wish I could teach math.  Shakespeare is fun for me but math - sheesh.  I think it stresses Jordan out more than he realizes, feeling behind in school.  He has been encouraged to wait until he feels a bit better but those times so far have just come and gone in spurts.
Once again, the kindness of family, friends and new friends continues to touch us deeply.  Just to know we're being considered....amazing to be on such a loving receiving end.  Even when we need to decline or take rain checks, the offer means so much.
Our world can feel so small at isolated and then we step outside.  The world keeps going.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feeeelin the Love!

So yea, we are a little overwhelmed by the love from the benefit concert last night. We've heard and seen snippets that make us smile. Sounds like Father was near and faith was high. Amazing. The financial assistance is incredible. It helps in so many ways. I may not take public transit next time I go on an errand. Always wanted to rent a Ferrari.

The prayers of faith and agreement are the most precious thing to us. We are convinced that prayer is the change agent. One of our friends has said, "This is the year we learn to command". Couldn't agree more.

You have to see one of the gifts Jordan received... I may have to play it a bit so that I can show Jordan how it works.
A mint custom Fender Telecaster!

So, to Dave who listened and obeyed, to the bands, poster maker, sound guy and MCs, to the givers and the prayers, the bakers and the organizers: Thank You! We are not alone.

After a rougher morning, Jordan is snacking, smiling, moving around and loving it. We are thankful. So thankful.

Outpouring Of Love

Hi folks,
Cheryl Molenaar here again.
I wanted to give a report to those of you who are interested in knowing how the fundraiser went last night.
Over 200 people came out for an incredible evening. Here are some highlights:

  • Lots of united praise and intercession for what God is able to do.
  • People watched a 2 minute video of Jordan and Kim (thanks Jordan!)
  • Jordan's grandpa gave a greeting and thanks from his heart to all.
  • One of the songs that Graham Ord  sang was about 2 C's. Christ and Cancer. Everyone came into agreement that only 1 was getting Jordan. Powerful.
  • A group of people from Trinity Baptist Church brought wonderful homemade refreshments for all. Their motto is: Love God. Love Others. Change the world through Christ. You are living it.
  • 4 Bands played incredibly. Windfall Prophet,  Andrew and Zack Smith, Norm Strauss and Graham Ord. They poured out their faith and prayers through worship on behalf of the family. The talent in these bands is absolutely incredible! 
  • Team Jordan was there selling T-shirts. If you want to know more about that.. click here and read about these amazing young leaders.
  • Andrew and Zack Smith were one of the bands. Zack faced cancer as a young boy and is walking in full healing today. They testified and were reminded of the journey they faced. They are survivors and a testimony to the power of believers coming together and in faith, praying for healing.
  • Hands in Service was there to receive names of volunteers who would like to support the Unrau's by offering housecleaning. I love their motto, it fits for us all.... Love. Gives. Back.
  • Mark Gordon, Pastor of The Bridge Church offered their facilities and mc'd the event. He and Dave Anthony spearheaded this entire evening. Dave Anthony is the one who wrote : Stuck on Love, the theme of the evening. Thanks guys for creating a great opportunity for all to gather together in love.
  • Final point : OVER $16,000 was raised and more is still pouring in!!! 
The kingdom of God is rallying. We are being known by our love. Thank you to all who laboured for this.

Thank you to all of you, who have been unable to attend, but have sent in cards of encouragement and gifts to the Unrau's. You have lightened the load, have helped to bear their burden

To know and to tangibly feel that you are not alone, is SUCH a massive blessing and carries with it a long term message that He and we are with them.

To Him be the glory in the church (us).

Friday, 10 February 2012

What are we focusing on?

So what do we focus on when we sit in a little hotel room, waiting for Jordan to develop an appetite or feel the energy to do something beyond laying and sitting?

His next scheduled chemo appointment is Monday.

We just want to rent a car and drive to California.

So we're grateful for the ability to open the window to get fresh air - can't do that in a hospital room. We're glad Jordan could have a bath unhooked from his intravenous lines.
We're a little stunned that there is a concert planned for tonight to gather those who would pray and bless our family...would love to hop our private jet to attend - we love these musicians and their music - and we'd love to just get out of the one room living experience. :-)
Can you tell I have a bit of cabin fever?
So we're left with the option of focusing on what we have not yet seen with our eyes or focusing on what He has asked us to see - His kingdom come, His will be done. We choose to keep bringing our wandering eyes back to Him. Oh gotta run....Jordan thinks he could eat some chicken strips! Yahoo!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Moving Pains

Today is such a strange day.  We should be celebrating that Jordan can most probably be released from the hospital this afternoon before his next scheduled treatment Monday.  The twist is that he has a cough and that means we need to move out of Ronald McDonald House.  It has been such a wonderful haven.  So, besides needing to do the laundry and clean the room, we need to move all our belongings from both RMH and the hospital room.  We'll need to rent a vehicle so do we just drive to Kelowna?  Probably not with Jordan's unpredictable health.  Too long a drive with restrooms sometimes several hours apart. Just so many weird decisions to make just to live.  And through it all, we're believing for the healing we haven't seen yet....anything less is giving in for us as a family.
This morning Jordan was in a lot of intestinal pain - all the meds - doubled over gasping pain.  We prayed.   Jordan is thankful that this last half hour has been pain free.  Thank you Jesus.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fundraiser and Practical Ways to Help

Hi all!
Cheryl Molenaar here. I am overjoyed to see the response and outpouring of love towards the Unrau's through intense, specific prayers for healing, gifts of thoughtfulness, cards, finances, etc.Your love is felt in a great way by the family.

Due to the intense needs of Jordan's care, the Unrau's are unable to personally respond to each gift at present. If you are concerned at all about whether your gift was recieved, feel free to contact me at:

The amazing fundraiser is almost here! I think it's going to be a very well attended event. There is a lady who has been baking up a storm for this event to provide wonderful refreshments for you all. The musicians have been rehearsing and are going to put on a stellar show.
You won't want to miss this wonderful evening - this Friday at 7 pm at The Bridge Church in Kelowna.
101.5 Radio station in Kelowna is airing an interview about it tomorrow afternoon some time.

We have found another opportunity if you would like to serve the Unrau's in a practical way.

Hands in Service and Operation of Church Serve Canada, has come forward to coordinate those who would like to volunteer with helping to keep the Unrau home cleaned. Now that Jordan is on chemo, it is critically important for the Unrau's to be able to come home to a freshly cleaned and disinfected home environment. 

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, and serve in this very practical way, please contact:

Pam Watland
Hands in Service Coordinator

Bless you all. 
Each one of you have been an absolute gift and have shown the kindness of God in unique tangible ways.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Whatever Comes

Okay, you have to download the song "Whatever Comes" by Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson.
Right now, it's all about keeping our eyes on Him...staying grateful for the many blessings of people and things....and getting ready for the new bald look.  Previously, hats haven't been a part of Jordan's wardrobe.  So far the funnest one came from friends in Abbotsford -it looks like a mafia-style black hat - that and the whoopie cushion were big hits.  We saw two of Jordan's doctors today and gave them the Team Jordan shirts. They loved them...of course, they're soft and they declare the might of God :-)
Today Jordan ate!!! Yahoo!  Even ordered his favourite burger - the White Spot Legendary.  Jordan will make a wonderful wealthy person some day...he is becoming accustomed to staff .  We can`t even keep up with their names any more.
In some ways, we're reminded of being parents of an infant - you are glued to what they eat, void, how they sleep, and even watch their breathing when they're sleeping - easier to do when you're in the same room.
The short time in Kelowna was vital and challenging....again, we're not the same. We were, for the most part, home bodies. And tho it was so difficult to return here, home seems closer.
I was reminded again this weekend of the believers standing shoulder to shoulder with us for Jordan`s complete recovery.  So grateful... 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Round 2

We flew to Vancouver this morning and are back in BC Children's Hospital and Jordan has finished his second round of chemo. They expect to keep him in for a few days to monitor his response. When asked how he is doing by a nurse, he responded, "I am uncharacteristically melancholy". 
Later, he launched into a prayer, "God, I know you are good. And I trust you". We followed his lead and agreed. 
His cough seems to be gone. 
Yesterday, Darlene preached at the Bridge near Abbotsford. It's a great church and Darlene preached her heart out.
It's late. Good night.
He is good and we trust him. Thanks for agreeing.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Jordan's Request

What a day!  Who knew I had the best bed in the world!  No, really, I do!

Jordan's request:  Don't feel pity for him.  When you think of him...just speak healing over his body in Jesus' name.  And then you can go back to life.  And when you think of him again, speak healing and tell the pain and disease to go.  Doesn't have to be fancy or long.

Oh and he does enjoy the gifts.  :-)

Nice hey?  And he'd like you to know if you see him with his new hairdo...he's still Jordan.

We have seen Jordan smile more today than in a month...what a day!
We are getting better and better at receiving as a family.  Kim jokes that he was always good at receiving.
I just wrote to my friend - no matter what the "facts" say, God has the last say.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

All Things New

Wonderful and strange to be home. We're all different people. And many things, although familiar, feel different.
Yesterday we had two new friends from Texas pray throughout the day for Jordan and other children and parents on the oncology ward and in the hospital. It was humbling for me. I realize that in the last few years I have backed off of praying for people with "really serious" conditions. I had become discouraged. But you know what, now being in the parents shoes, so close to suffering, backing off is not an option. And every time someone lets us know that they are believing for Plan A, it means a great deal.

We've let Jordan know he is worth fighting for, I believe we all want to know that because we are. Jesus already fought for us and won. And all along the road we see the kindness of God.
New friends go above and beyond. An old friend shows up to serve in such a sensitive way at a vulnerable moment. Family picks us up in the airport with Tucker on the leash. Kim's parents pick up groceries. My Mom is walking beautifully with her new knee. And we arrive to more mail filled with love and creative and practical resource.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Coming Home

Jordan's blood counts are way up - to the point where they wanted to send us home today. We couldn't get all our stuff packed fast enough. So we are booked to fly home tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). We are very thankful. At one point today after being released from the hospital, Jordan just jumped up and grabbed his crutches and started to walk around saying, "It's so great to be able to move without being attached to those IV tubes".

In the midst of all this, Jordan is still struggling with pain and nausea and it seems to increase as the day wears on. It is so confusing for him and often seems too much to bear.  We're so grateful not to bear this alone. We are believing and speaking complete healing to Jordan's body - which includes the eradication of pain and nausea.

Jordan is excited about a few things: being home, sitting on our family room carpet, lego in the bedroom, our own fridge, our dog Tucker, being near friends and family and after living in Ronald McDonald house, mom and dad are happy not have to sanitize the bathroom after every use....:-)