Sunday, 15 January 2012

Plan A

Jordan has completed this round of chemo. It was not easy, but overall, he is doing well in the situation. His two main requests are: "Can I have a drink of water please and Please pray for me."

We feel carried. We know we don't cry alone or pray alone or get angry alone. A nurse asked me (Kim) how I was doing today. I said that I had a lot of gratitude, amazing peace and incredible anger. He didn't ask for clarity, but I'm angry at the enemy that would do this to people.

We said that Plan A was agreeing for the complete healing of Jordan. Plan A is not over. Plan A is still our main focus. We would like to add to Plan A. Her name is Lilee Jean. She is 1. She is next door in room 8 and has an inoperable brain tumor. And it's not right. Please add  her to Plan A - full and complete healing in Jesus name for Lilee Jean. Her Aunt came and sang a song to her yesterday, a song she wrote about how Jesus loves to heal. There is a name above cancer - Jesus.