Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Counting on God

It’s been a roller coaster of emotion today. More tests and blood work. The results of the biopsy don’t come till tomorrow or Friday, but the doctor says that it looks like his original diagnosis is accurate. So, they may want to start him on chemo tomorrow or Friday. So, that is not what we wanted to hear. In a book that we are reading, a lady is contending for the healing of her child (doctors say that there is no cure). It says that “she didn’t deny the facts, she simply believed that the Truth would change them”. That’s where we are at. Thank you for joining us in agreement.

Jordan had pain from the three incisions of the biopsy, but slept well last night and is doing better today.
Darlene is watching the movie UP with Jordan during his radio-active kidney scan. Never thought we'd say that!