Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Behold and Be Held

We had some good tears today (as is true with most days) and some great laughs. Jordan's fever has broken and his blood cultures have come back negative. They want his ANC's (not sure what that stands for) to come up before releasing him.  We still hope to get home for the weekend.
We are surrounded by people that are in critical need for healing so our compassion and conviction grows by the day.
That we would behold who Jesus really is and the inheritance that He has given us and that we would be held by Him as we are on this journey.  Jordan LOVED a LEGO poster he received in the mail and it had no return address so we don't know who sent it - thank you out there.  The cards and pictures, art bits, videos and hilarious cartoons are brilliant diversions when required. Thank you all. Some of you we are meeting for the first time through email or mail... We so appreciate you.

If you would like to mail us something, can we suggest sending it in care of 
Ronald McDonald House
4116 Angus Drive 
Vancouver, BC, V6J 4H9 
If things are sent to the hospital, and we aren't here, they are returned to sender.  If they are sent to Ronald McDonald House, they keep them for us or forward them.